Laser Tee Leveling

Laser Tee Leveling

Every tee is a chance to start anew. No matter how many bogeys you hit before, a fresh tee and an open box on your scorecard hold the promise of an eagle (or at least par). A poor tee shot puts a golfer at a disadvantage for the remainder of the hole, while a quality tee shot lets him think “This is the one!”

For the grounds crew, every tee is one more first impression they must get exactly right. Tees and greens are the two parts of every hole that every golfer will walk on. As a result, they incur the most damage: divot depressions, surface resettling and the accumulated wear-and-tear of heavy traffic.

Laser tee leveling is the most technologically advanced way to keep your tees in peak condition. Not only does it offer the best results, it does so with the least amount of downtime for the hole.


How does laser tee leveling work?

After removing the turf from the tee and the surrounding areas, we’ll survey the area around the tee to determine the precise amount of cut and fill necessary to produce the slope. Then the technology takes over.

Fusion uses automated grading machines programmed to the dimensions of the tee to smooth out divots, crowns and any other imperfections. As our team drives the leveler over the tee area, the grading blade responds to what it “sees” and compares it to the programmed design, ensuring a smooth and compact tee surface.

In about an hour, we’re restoring the turf to the tee area and moving on to the next one.


What does laser tee leveling offer that older methods don’t?

Laser leveling is the only method of tee reconstruction Fusion employs. Why would we use anything less?

Minutes of downtime instead of days

Laser tee leveling requires minimal prep work. We remove the sod around the tee area and mark the irrigation system. That’s just about the extent of it.

The leveling itself takes 45-75 minutes per hole, and then we replace the sod.

Previous methods require more preparations and precautions, followed by much more time- and manpower-intensive tools like box blades, grader boxes, skid steers or heavy rollers. Those knock individual tees out of commission for days at a time.

With laser tee leveling, Fusion can perfect all the tee areas on your course in a matter of a few days, without any of your members knowing there is even work in progress.

Precision, precision, precision

1/4-inch. That’s par accuracy for laser tee leveling. No other method can come close to that on its best day.

Steps and considerations in preparing for laser leveling

Laser tee leveling is an advanced technology that enables a simple process. Older methods required the golf course’s grounds crew to tear up the tee area, incurring a cost in both playing time and employee manpower. Laser leveling makes things easier for your employees as well as your golfers.

  • Before we get started, we’ll remove the turf from the tee area, flag sprinkler heads, mark the boundaries of the tee area and fill in any low spots.
  • We’ll grade the area, with the laser-guided leveler directing the removal of crowns, the filling in of divots and the overall smoothing of the area.
  • Once we verify the grade of the newly resurfaced tee area, we remove the irrigation and edge markers and restore the turf.

Fusion works with – not around – your grounds crew. Because we’re golf people ourselves, our processes are as friendly on them as on you and your visitors, an arrangement that always leads to a course full of impeccable tees.


Make every tee shot a perfect start for your golfers

Twelve hours or 60 minutes? Inches, or a fraction of an inch? Tees out of commission or fresh tees for all your members, every day?

Those are some easy ways to think about the choice between laser tee reconstruction and anything else. Fusion Golf knows how to exploit all the advantages of laser tee leveling, so every tee will hold the promise of a perfect hole.