Bunker Renovation

Bunker Renovation

Bunkers have come a long way from the days of being “traps,” nature’s unpleasant little surprises around the course. Modern bunkers shape a golf course’s personality and playability. They should be hazards for the ball, but not the eye.

Bunkers cover a very small amount of a golf course’s area, but can account for up to a quarter of the maintenance costs. Proper design will extend a bunker’s longevity, ensuring they look good and play well for years. After renovating hundreds of bunkers, Fusion understands the interplay of large-scale design and granular details, from choosing the liner down to choosing the sand. We meant it when we said “granular.”

Golfers deserve bunkers that reward them for playing on the course, not just punish them for an errant shot. Give them something they’ll remember for all the right reasons.


Design and engineering factors

Over time, bunker faces will erode, the sand will become contaminated and drainage will back up. Choosing the right materials and construction methods will minimize the amount of upkeep and prolong the time until the bunker’s next renovation.

Sand selection

The smallest things have the greatest importance. That’s golf, and it’s never truer than when choosing the sand for a bunker.

Sand selection requires a fine-grained examination of wind, weather and wear patterns; an analysis of the drainage; the appearance of the sand; and the course designer’s desire for playability. Choosing sand with the wrong particulate geometry or permeability may give the bunker a great look on opening day, and one “fried egg” lie after another by the end of the season.

Bunker drainage

Bunkers after a rainfall should not be a gritty water hazard. Fusion will examine your course architect’s design for the bunker to determine if the existing drainage is sufficient to keep the sand clean and smooth across years of rain. Because no two bunkers are the same, we recommend a bunker-by-bunker drainage plan, including factors like the subsurface materials, surrounding outfalls and main drain placement.

Edges tell the story of a bunker

Edges are the “face” of your bunkers. They should always be exactly as you designed them, whether you want the crisp, clean and well-manicured lines of a traditional course or the more contemporary natural, weathered look.

Fusion’s bunker renovations consider the geometry and aesthetics of the turf and sand at each bunker’s edge. We consider how these will look to the person on the outside, the golfer standing in the bunker trying to play his way out and the grounds crew who will be raking the sand and trimming the turf.

Benefits of bunker renovation

Fresh bunkers don’t have to be new bunkers. The proper combination of drainage, sand, design, maintenance and all the other things that go into a Fusion bunker renovation project will give your golfers years of like-new playing experiences.

Create a new look or playing challenge

We understand how important it is to offer a consistent round of golf while still providing new challenges. Your long-time members know what they like – your course! – but you still need to keep an eye towards attracting the next generation.

Whether you are restoring an existing bunker to its original condition, overhauling an old favorite or placing a new bunker, Fusion rejuvenates the look and feel of your course.

Enhance safety for players and staff

Bunkers should be “hazards” to a player’s score, not his well-being. The wrong sand for the slope, the wrong bracing for the edge or insufficient drainage can put your members or employees at risk when they step inside the bunker for a shot or upkeep.

Well-maintained and well-built bunkers are safe bunkers, lowering your exposure to liability and negative press.

Reduce costs over the long-term

Bunkers can be very expensive over the long-term. Poorly chosen sand will need to be replaced (and the old sand disposed of) more often than the correct sand. Weak edges will need more turf work than properly built ones. Cheap drainage will cost you in any number of ways, and the damage will not be limited to just a single bunker.


Avoid traps and hazards by choosing Fusion for your bunkers

After hundreds of bunkers worldwide, Fusion is well-versed in the engineering, aesthetics and technology that go into designing and constructing bunkers. Our renovation work has improved the look and playability of countless courses, and we’re ready to get work making yours the next one.