Reinventing Your Golf Course with Professional Bridge Construction

Reinventing Your Golf Course with Professional Bridge Construction

Golf courses come in many shapes and sizes. However, the most gorgeous golf courses and those with the most challenging greens are going to call to the greatest majority of golfers. There are multiple ways to integrate challenges in a golf course. Installation of a new bridge is a great addition to any golf course, both for increasing challenges and improving the course’s aesthetic appeal.


The Design Process

First thing’s first, a great design should be in place before the golf course bridge construction process takes place. Professional designers will work with the course owners to design the bridge, choose the materials, shape, design, and placement. On-site visits, as well as design meetings, should take place prior to construction. This ensures a structurally sound bridge and one which will “wow” visitors and players alike at the golf course.

The Construction

Once a design is in place, expert field teams will visit the golf course to begin the golf course bridge construction process. This includes digging, setting up the foundation, and excavation of nearby areas, to ensure the bridge is structurally sound. Advanced techniques, materials, and equipment are utilized, to ensure the sturdiest construction, and a gorgeous setting once the bridge is complete.

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