About Us

About Fusion Golf Construction Management

We build golf. We build individual bunkers and entire courses. We build laser-graded tees and picture-perfect water features. We build relationships, teams, and revenue for your course.

Why should you trust Fusion Golf with the future of your course?

You can trust Fusion Golf because when you hire us, you’re truly hiring “us.” We don’t outsource, we don’t sub-contract. We do the work with the people we have and the staff that you wish to contribute to the project: the people we trust the most and the people we trust the most. In fact, we only take on projects that we know we can complete with our team.

Our commitment to keeping things in-house goes back to the earliest days of the company. We started as an “in-house” construction outfit. Over 20 years and 200 projects worth of relationships, hiring and acquisitions have produced a team – from our executives to the crew pouring sand into a bunker – that is unmatched in the golf course development, construction, and management industries.

Fusion is not just our name, it’s our strategy. We’ve brought together the leading talents in construction and management to build a company that can handle any challenge golf course owners face, from aesthetics to agronomy.

Building the future of golf: Leading-edge technologies and methods

Every day, we find new products, materials, and technologies that offer lower costs, greater precision, and shorter construction times. Before we bring any of those to your course, we ensure they will deliver greater value and improve the quality of our projects.

Modern technologies do more than improve things on the front end of a project. They provide greater long-term sustainability. A few degrees of contour or the particulate geometry of your sand may go unnoticed for a year or two. But over time, the differences will reveal themselves in maintenance costs, visible wear and tear, customer complaints, and premature replacement. Our precision in design and execution is part of our plan for the long-term, so when you call us again in a few years it’s to build something new – not to fix anything from before.

Our commitment to building golf one project at a time

Golf is the quest for perfection in an imperfect world. It’s no different for us. Never satisfied with what we did on our last hole, we are determined to improve ourselves with every project we undertake.

When you hire Fusion Golf, we’re entering a partnership to deliver the best work we’ve ever done.

We look forward to building golf at your course.